I have that in me that can convert poverty to riches, adversity to prosperity
— Thomas Browne, Religio Medici

becoming well-aged beef

When beef is properly aged, it eliminates the superfluous, concentrating essential flavor. A healthy, robust crust forms on the outside and natural processes tenderize the core. The result has a rich character and a satisfying texture. Add some saltiness, and the beef is mature.

A man in full has shed the excess from his life. His character embodies only essential qualities. His skin is thick, his limbs are sturdy, and his heart is loving. He finds meaning and joy in the ordinary while seeking the extraordinary. He has led a life of responsibility and daring; faithfulness and adventure; steadiness and spontaneity. He is grateful in his life and circumstances. He envies nobody; his own grass is the greenest.

Yep—that's me. And still aging well.

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