Producto de Uruguay


Beef is simply the best meat on the planet, and this is what beef should look like.

The meat should be deep red to nearly maroon, and the fat should be yellow-ish. This is an Uruguayan beef cut known in Latin America as Picaña. Their grass-fed beef is high in omega-3 and is among the finest in the world. The region around Uruguay, southern Brazil, and Northern Argentina is paradise-on-earth for bovines. Being grass-eaters, in that climate they can eat and grow all year-round. The Picaña is a Latin American favorite.


 Yes—Bovines eat grass. The yellow color indicates the presence of high levels of beta-carotene from the grass. In the USA, most are fed corn. Corn makes them fat with nicely marbled meat. And sick. That's why they are also fed antibiotics. Healthy bovine muscles do not have large veins of sickly white fat throughout. The fat should be a substantial layer on the outside and just a little marbling.

A cow that eats its natural diet will have meat and fat saturated with nutrition. Oh, and don't worry about eating the fat. It’s good for you. People who eat predominantly a high-animal-fat, high-animal-protein diet lose unhealthy weight and gain muscle and vitality. Many top athletes are turning to this and winning as a result.