Voices of Venezuela: José Gregorio Boscán

I came to Colombia to document the stories of the refugees from Venezuela.

I told very few people about this plan. I had never created a documentary. I had no video or audio equipment. I had never conducted an interview. I had little experience with video production software. I spoke no Spanish and I did not know any refugees from Venezuela. All that has now changed. I moved my home-schooled family to Colombia, which is bearing the brunt of the refugee crisis. I even speak a little Spanish.

This is our first interview documentary of several planned.  It is one man's story in his own words. His life in Caracas was not that different from that of many Americans when the Chávez-Maduro regime began to destroy the economy and people’s savings. It is part of our homeschooling while abroad. We have had to learn on the fly.

I am monumentally thankful that José gave me his time for this first video. I am not yet Ken Burns. As our skills improve and we meet more people I will add more and better documentaries.

 Why am I doing this? Because to whom much is given, much will be required.

Much has been given to me. I have an amazing wife and children. I have great parents. My career has been successful. My life is far from perfect, but I envy nobody else’s. There is nothing else that I need. I am deeply grateful for what I have.

I have taken a sabbatical from the technology industry that has been so good to me to try to show our kids about the world outside of our comfortable lives. I hope to make a positive difference—no matter how small—to those whose own lives have been overturned through no fault of their own.

Note on this video: The audio is of poor quality due to heavy background noise, poor room acoustics, and incorrect microphones. It’s part of the learning process.